Sunday, June 23, 2013

Woodland WA, Checking on the eagles, Sal and Sally and a new osprey?

It is really nice when it's sunny and I can get some clear shots with a bit more detail.  This was a good morning:

I walk past the eagles nest on my way to see Sal and Sally and this morning I see the back of one of the adults but no eaglets moving so I walk on knowing I can check them again on my way back.

In the picture below, you can see again how far the eagles are from me.  In the upper right corner the male is on his perch looking at the cargo ship going by on the river below.
 Sal is bringing home breakfast to Sally.  They must still be trying to have a family.

 This osprey was hanging out further up river and is not one of the 2 couples I am watching.
 Very happy with these 2 pics of this beautiful bird.
 On the way back I caught dad eagle bring in breakfast for the family......
 You can see both parents on the nest with both eaglets in front if you look closely
 You can see dads wing as he takes off on the left through the trees.....

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