Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Woodland WA, A Day With Friends

This past weekend on Saturday, we met up with some good friends that were in the area for a family wedding.  I have known Gordon and Evelyn for 30 years and it was wonderful to see them if only for a few hours.  We met down in Salem, OR, for breakfast and then went to a winery and cheese factory together before they had to be with family for the wedding.

Mike found Bistik Court on line highly recommended as a good place for breakfast and it sure was!  It is also very popular and located right in the heart of the historic district of Salem

 The food was yummy and looked it as you can see below
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 Arcane Cellars was a beautiful spot with the vineyard and orchards all around

blooms on a dogwood tree

 We enjoyed all of their wines!
 Then we moved on to the Willamette Cheese Factory where we tasted several cheeses made from the milk of the cows that live right there.
 Yep, the Jersey cows you see behind us!  Our friends Gordon and Evelyn on the right;)
 After we had to part with our friends, we visited a couple more wineries on our way back....

Cathedral Ridge Winery
And ended up spending a little time at Duck Pond winery where we are club members enjoying a snack and some wine of course!

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