Monday, June 17, 2013

Woodland WA, What are the eagles and ospreys up to?

I checked out all 3 nests I have been watching.  Nothing is happening in Sal and Sallys nest. I am pretty sure at this point that it is past the usual time to lay the eggs and am wondering if it will happen for them this year.  The eagles were busy though and Norm and Norma, I'm sure, are going to have chicks any day now:

In this pic I am looking across blueberry fields to the river a half mile away.  You can see the houses look real small in front of the huge cargo ship moving down the Columbia behind them.  The cluster of trees just to the right of center is where the eagles nest is.

There is mom with one of the babies just in front of her

You do have to look closely for the babies head against moms dark feathers.....

Norma is still sitting on the eggs with Norm looking down........

It should be real soon now for baby ospreys!!

nice shot of a Kestral......

flying away!

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