Saturday, July 20, 2013

Woodland WA, A Day in Seattle Part 2

If any of you haven't been but make it up to Seattle, the 2 tours we took should be the ones you do if you only have a short period of time there.  That afternoon we took the Duck Tour.  What a lot of fun that was!  As you can see, Allie took a nap while we were on the boat.

the "Duck" is an amphibious vehicle you first ride down to the water front and through old Seattle and then drive right into the harbor to experience the lake.  Again you get more history of Seattle and have a good time with the kooky captains that man the boats!

Let's go ride a Duck!

The building in the background, yes it's a building, is a music museum which I would like to see next time I come here

Jen has a quaker in her mouth;)

Notice the captains' name;)

Allie actually slept for a half hour on this tour she was so tired!

Here we go into the water!

Some high dollar homes on the water......

yes, even these

Dinner at Pier 55....

What a memorable day:)

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