Monday, July 8, 2013

Woodland WA, Peregrine Falcon

Sephira is doing well.  What  a little doll she is!  My son and wife and granddaughter are out visiting now and it's all wonderful!  First a few pics of them and then the falcon:

Sephira Rose at 4 days old

Jared, Jen and Allie

Allie is getting down to business mowing the lawn;)
I was out walking a few mornings ago when I saw this guy standing by the roadside twirling a sting with what looked like a weighted feather on it.  So I stopped to ask what he was doing.  He is a falconer and has a team of falcons that he uses to control unwanted birds in the fields.  In this case it was a blueberry field.  He was calling his falcon in.  I got to watch her come in and then got some great pics of her while the falconer was filling me in on how they, he and his wife, train the birds and help the farmers.  Very cool!
Sweet Jane

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