Friday, July 12, 2013

Woodland WA, Time is Flying

Trying to get in some sightseeing and fun in while Jared, Jen and Allie are here so I'm behind in posts!  Will try to get out one a day for the next few days to get caught up:

A freshly bathed Allie with Felicia, Jeff and Sephira

Sephira looks so tiny in her car seat!  

Allie, Jared, Felicia and Sephira

Getting ready to pick marionberries!

Going to have marionberry crumble tonight!

Caught Sephira with her eyes open!  Not easy to do!:)


Eisenhower State Park, Kansas

We are enjoying our 3 week stay here at Eisenhower State Park  in northeast Kansas.  Another large lake, Melvern Lake, and beautiful scenic ...