Thursday, July 25, 2013

Woodland WA, Lacamas Lake Hike

Did this lovely hike last week.  Follows the shoreline of Lacamas Lake and was very pretty!  Just about 20 miles from here in the city of Camas, Washington.


  1. Nice pics, as usual! Have you made it to Beacon Rock State Park, which is east of Camas? One a clear day you will have incredible views of the Columbia river and the valley. We also liked touring the Bonneville dam and seeing the hydro-electric operation and the fish diversions. Where are you heading next? We are going to Montana for most of August then Bend Oregon for September. Have fun. Hans and Lisa

  2. Yes Hans, we did the Beacon Rock hike last year. Just beautiful! And we have now been to the Bonneville dam 3 times. Always interesting!

    We are also heading to Montana next. We will be leaving here August 19th and expect to be near Glacier NP the last week of this month. From there we plan on checking out Yellowstone for a couple of weeks and then down into Colorado. If out paths cross, we must get together for a hike! Keyna and Mike

  3. Hi Keyna and Mike. We will be in Columbia Falls from August 19th - 26th and will go into Glacier NP a few times. Maybe our timimg near Glacier will work out maybe not? After Columbia falls, we head south and will be heading towards Bend, OR for Sept. Safe travels.. Hans and Lisa


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