Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hillsboro Winery and unidentified ghost town

A neighbor here in the park, John, told Mike about a ghost mining town and unmarked cemetery about 30 miles from here near the small town of Hillsboro.  So we had a little fun off-roading to check out the ruins and then headed over to Hillsboro to try a local winery!

We had to use arial photos and directions from John to locate these places.  Was like a treasure hunt:)

hard to see the grave mounds in the desert floor with only some marked by large rocks with pecked out initials

the ghost town was surrounded by old mines dotting the hillside.  In the foreground was the assay office

this large building was a hotel

while wander around the ghost town we had visitors on a nearby hill

then we drove to find the E.B. Paxton house ruins and mine.  How did I know it was E. B. Paxtons place????

Paxtons' well

the mine entrance

then it was time for wine at the Black Range Vineyards!

Brian, the owner, was happy to pour

we bought a bottle of the tempernillo grown right in Hillsboro!  Yummy!

Hillsboro, NM

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  1. What a great ghost town, you got some wonderful shots.


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