Sunday, January 25, 2015

Natural Bridge Caverns, San Antonio, TX

Natural Bridge Caverns is located about 25 miles from town and we decided to check it out a couple of days ago during the latest rain storm.  We thought we would get in out of the rain pretty quick when we got there, but it turned out that we had to walk from the visitor center outside for several minutes to enter the caverns.  Then we were practically washed through the caverns as the steep walkways were covered with running water from the outside rain.  It was quite the adventure and a bit treacherous.

Natural Bridge is a wet caverns....and I mean you could not escape being dripped on.  But because of the wet it has some of the most beautiful formations!  I was in awe!  I was able to get a few decent pics but I had a lot of trouble keeping my camera lens clear as the humidity was 100 percent down there with a constant 70 degree temp.  Well worth seeing just keep the very steep walk ways in mind.

the natural bridge over the entrance to the caverns

To try and give perspective, the column to the left in the pic below is 50 feet high, these formations were massive and beautiful. You could see water running down many of them.

these formations are called cave bacon
 All these "small" columns you see below on the left are forming very straight because of the water being constantly dripped on them

I think these drapery formations look like jellyfish

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