Friday, January 16, 2015

Stonewall, Texas

After a couple very cold rainy days, the weather here in Stonewall, TX has warmed up and we even have sunshine!  We are now in the middle of our week here and, in spite of the nasty weather the first couple of days, have been very busy!

We are here to check out some Texas Hill Country Wineries. We do not have to go far to do that as there are about 35 wineries near us and the city of Fredericksburg 15 miles from here.  We learned wine tasting here is like wine tasting in CA as far as prices, avg tasting fee per person so far is $13.00 and they are very proud of their wines when it comes to pricing.  They have some beautiful wineries and some good wines.  If you just want wines made from TX grapes be sure to ask as we have found it about 50/50 and some grapes are actually brought in from CA, NM, etc.

We spent one of those cold, rainy days visiting the National Museum of the Pacific War.  An informative and excellent display of what led up to and the many battles and locations of WWII in the Pacific.  Very, very sobering.

statue of Admiral Nimitz

PT boat similar to the one JFK commanded

replica of a beach battle field with real equipment, live reenactments are held here

crosses showing number of US dead and wounded in the diff branches of the service

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