Monday, January 12, 2015

Wrapping Up Austin, TX

Well we leave Austin tomorrow for a short drive west to Stonewall near Fredericksburg, TX. It is a big wine area so we will hang there for a week and check out a few wineries;)

I had hoped to put up a couple more hikes after our return from visiting family over the holidays but that was not meant to be. It has done nothing but rain since our return a few days ago. Oh well, all the more reason to move on!

Friends asked us about BBQ in the Austin area and on the east side, where we are staying, we highly recommend two places that are listed in the top ten list of the Austin Chronicle.  We had to agree.  Styles Switch and Live Oak.  Look them up and check them out when in town, yummy!

Oh yeah, breweries.....Mike suggests the following:  ABGB (Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.), Hops  & Grain, Pint House Pizza and Uncle Billies Brew and Que for starters. There are soooo many breweries and BBQ places though and it is hard to go wrong.

Aaannnnd music!!!!  Go down to 6th St. We went and listened to live country, rock and jazz.  Some places have cover charges and a lot don't.  It was awesome! Some bands good...some not so good, but what a place!

I did get this pic of a new hawk for me though, a Red Shouldered hawk. Very cool!

After Stonewall, we drive to San Antonio for a week and then down further south to the Corpus Christi area for a month.....looking for warmer weather!


  1. Beautiful red shoulder!

    Thanks for the recommendations. That's a drag you've had a lot of rain. I sure hope that phase is ending when we arrive.We need some exercise after all the socializing in San Diego!

  2. Thanks! I hope the rain stops for you guys also. We have had trouble with ants inside the motorhome as well due to all the rain. We read about ants in reviews before arriving here and had come prepared with spray but with all the rain the spray does not hold for long. Spray around and on top of your rig as the ants fall out of the trees. Hopefully, it will be dry for you two.

  3. Falling out of the trees...crazy! Sprinkling Ajax or diatomacious earth around tires and things leading to the RV works too (we've used it at Santee Lakes).


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