Sunday, September 18, 2016

Acadia NP and a Nature Cruise, ME

We did get up to Acadia NP with our friends.  Yes it is beautiful and there is lots of hiking to be had.  It was, however, a zoo!  So crowded that Mike and I figure we will go back to hike but to the farthest northern point far from the crowded touristy area!  We spent only a couple of hours there before we had to catch a nature cruise we had booked just outside the park.

Acadia NP

good friends, good times!

boarding for the nature cruise

with a load of empty traps, this lobsterman may be moving them 

no sooner did our guide say we might see a bald eagle when one flew by and landed to pose for me;) (upper right)

then she took off and flew right towards us!  It was great!  She swooped down to pluck a fish out of the water and flew back to shore!  Look for her in the middle of the pic

the Acadia lighthouse

this lobsterman is baiting the traps

below you can see him reaching in to one

a large group of seals near the lighthouse

we got a lesson on how the traps work and what size lobster you can keep

there are so many lobster buoys out there it is a wonder the lobstermen can keep track of them!  A lobsterman is allowed to have 800 traps out but the licenses to put them out are limited. The buoy is identified by the color scheme.  Don't mess with another lobstermans buoy!!
on our way back from a fun, informative cruise!

a little searching along the shore for sea glass in the tidal pools

after dinner(more lobstah) at Carriers Mainely Lobster, Mike is so full he has to take a break;)

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