Friday, September 23, 2016

Foggy Maine Days

Our Vegas friends safely back home, Mike and I have had to continue to explore this area of Maine without them:(  Sorry guys;)

Our main reason for being here this particular time of the year was/is to hopefully catch some of that spectacular New England fall we so often see in pics and hear about.  Of course, this year has been unusually warm and the leaves are not turning as they normally do.  Really!!!!  OK, OK, if we do not get those great falls colors, we will have to return. Shucks.

Tomorrow we will be venturing out in the jeep for a few days to see if we can catch some of those colors in the northwestern Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  Heres hoping!!

In the meantime some more local Maine:

We did a nice hike in the Beech Hill
Preserve in the neighboring town of Rockport....

And saw some nice views of the hills with the ocean in the distance

families out having fun near the lookout at the top of the hill at the preserve

At Rockport Harbor, the remains of old lime kilns 

A statue of Andre the seal looks out over the harbor.  Andre was an abandoned pup brought up and loved by the locals.

Ahhh, the fog moves in

An incoming ferry passes a trawler in the fog on the way to Port Clyde 

Why not in a tub??:)

A Port Clyde puffin watches visitors on the dock

The Marshall Point Lighthouse.  The fog horn was sounding as we stood there, very cool!

Every harbor has a memorial to fishermen lost at sea.

We stopped by this market to buy beer so we could have beer with our lobstah  and crab rolls at Mcloons Lobstah Shack

the young lady at Mcloons pulls a crate out of the ocean to get some more lobsters for the rolls.  How fresh is that???:)

We enjoyed out meals in the fog.  Way cool!!!!!

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