Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lobstah and Wine and the Lighthouse Museum and Owls Head Lighthouse

We haven't had to look far for the freshest lobster in Maine as we see the lobstermen bringing it in all the time.  It is a pleasure to eat all the fresh sea food we can;)

The Compass Cafe, below, is the home of Lynn Archer the chef.  She competed against Bobby Flay and won for her lobstah sandwich.  We ate there a few times because the food is very good and it was located right next to the inn where our friends were staying:)

this morning Rick had lobster benedict

We stopped at cheese places and bought cheese.....

and fresh produce stands

And a few wineries.  Not many grapes are grown here.  These first two we visited get most of their grapes from CA.  Some good wines though.
Celler Door Winery

nice view out back!

Sweetgrass winery and
distillery.  Gin.  I liked it:)
Savage Oaks had mostly estate wines!

An evening dinner at Archers on the water in Rockland

Ahhhh, sunset

herding turkeys down the road from our campground one morning:)

in a bakery window

I had lobster frittata one morning
at the Broken Egg downtown

best collection of fresnel lenses.  The beautiful glass prisms are really works of art!

Fog horns

                         Fog bells
At Breakwater Winery we enjoyed a glass outside.  Most of their grapes come from New York.

I may have mentioned that there are some 68 lighthouses on the Maine coast.  We checked out Owls Head with our friends.

more great food at Claws!!
lobstah roll, clams, lobstah mac and cheese and crab cakes!!!

A beautiful harvest moon

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