Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Enjoying Maine

As you may have seen, we have been parked in Maine since the middle of last month.  I say parked because we left Paradise at the Saltwater Campground near Thomaston to fly back to WA for a 3 week visit.  We are back and have had a busy first week with friends from Las Vegas who flew out here to meet up with us for a weeks vacation.

We arrived back from our visit to WA to find the weather still unseasonably warm, in the low 90s, and are beginning to wonder if we will see the spectacular New England fall that we had hoped.  Oh well, if it does not happen while we are here this year, we'll have to come back:)

Cara, Mike and Rick are posing in front of the diner we had breakfast at in Portland, ME.  It was recommended by a friend and former "Mainer" in Vegas.  An apparently very popular place near the water we did enjoy it and Cara and Rick jumped right in the spirit with a "lobstah" (when in Maine;) omelet.

Rick and Cara are staying at the Trade Winds Inn in Rockland just a few miles from us.  Their view of the harbor from their suite is very nice!

part of the Rockland Harbor with the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse in the background

In the Eclipse Restaurant at the inn that evening our lobsters had just arrived.

Now I had to get my bib on and dig into my first Maine lobster!!

                           Mike making friends:)
the next morning we headed out to the Rockland Lighthouse for a walk 

a gull plucks a crab from the seaweed near us

the one mile walk seemed further in the 90 degree weather;)

had to watch where we put our feet!

A lobstah boat passes near us;)
from inside the lighthouse

only 22 stairs and 6 ladder rungs to the top of this lighthouse

view back the way we came

Mike inside the light checking out the lens

This gull kept watch on top of the lighthouse.

A nice little walk!
On Main Street a touch of elegance on an old bank building
 Our second evening we enjoyed a short walk from the Inn to the Landing for dinner. A lovely view from the patio as the sun faded:

A lesson by Billie on how to eat steamers:)

I don't think that was part of the lesson:)

more adventures to come

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