Friday, September 16, 2016

Fort Knox, Boothbay Harbor, Reds Eats, ETC!

Though our friends are headed back to Vegas today our week was packed!!  Here are some more of our adventures with at least one more post to come:

The Penobscot Narrows Bridge definitely catches ones attention as we head up to Bangor on a foggy Sunday morning.  This cable-stay bridge was built in 2006 replacing an older, unsafe bridge.  We did not cross the bridge this day but will later!

 Just up the highway from the bridge is Fort Knox NHL built originally to protect the Penobscot River waterway from possible invasion by the British and later manned during the Civil War, it never saw any action.  It is a very imposing fortress mostly intact.

gun batteries lined up along the river

from the upper level of the fort again with the river in the background

In Brewer, Maine, we stopped for a brew at Masons:)  Some good beer!

Though we were told Bangor was a must see, we found the town pretty much closed up on a Sunday unfortunately.

A very nice gigantic statue of Paul Bunyon

Monday we stopped at a roadside "yard" sale where Cara found a nice buoy to take home;) 
Reds Eats in Wiscasset is so popular for "lobstah" rolls you must expect a decent wait in here we are in line to try them out!

after about 35 minutes we are soooo close to ordering

Ahhh, here they come!

The rolls were scrumptious with more one lobster per sandwich we stuffed ourselves and did not have to crack a shell!!

Oooh la la!
 On to Boothbay Harbor for the rest of Monday for some Maine coastline:
another lighthouse, there are some 68 lighthouses along the Maine coast

windy here:)

beautiful rock beach and beautiful houses

an osprey not far from the lighthouse

In downtown Boothbay we have a beer at Kalers on the water.  Great brews around here!

Looking at more buoys and maybe a lobster trap....or not;)
evening at Boothbay


  1. What beautiful country! Looks like you may need to do a lot of hiking to work off those amazing meals!

  2. It was a lot of fun. We did a fair amount of walking on this trip to offset some of the food. We are sad to be back home and hope you and Mike have a wonderful time on the rest of your New England portion of your journey. Rick and Cara

    1. Thanks Rick and Cara, you know we will:)


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