Saturday, January 18, 2014


I had the awesome, wonderful experience of being in the water with a large group of spinner dolphins!  My new friend and snorkel buddy, Anastasia, has a sister who lives on the island and she helped us find a bay where there were dolphins.

Anastasia and I had already snorkeled at one bay that morning that had a turtle amongst all the beautiful fish when her sister arrived and, after talking to a local, we were directed to another bay a little further down the coast where dolphins had been seen.

When we arrived at the bay, we could easily see several dolphins so we got into our snorkel gear and entered the water for an experience of a lifetime!  It was amazing to see these beautiful creatures up close and so many!  I counted as many as 60!  Lots of babies.

As I have no underwater camera, I have no pics except this one I took with my cell before entering the water where you can just see a small pod at the surface for a breath.

Sorry, wish I had more!

hard to wrong with the sunsets here!

Anastasia and myself

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