Sunday, January 12, 2014

Volcano National Park

I saw Mike off on the Agressor today.  He was pretty jazzed to be going out for a good 5 days of nothing but diving, eating and some sleeping.  I have to fend for myself now on the island;)

Yesterday we drove almost 100 miles to Volcano NP.  It was a must do, of course, and as expected very cool!  I have to split this day up, a lot of pics!

getting ready to walk through a lava tube....

this is a trail across lava beds...all cold and hard at this point but they still look molten!

a lava bubble makes a nice planter now;)

hard to see but there are several steam vents in this crater....Pu'u Huluhulu

Mauna Ulu is the volcano responsible for all you see here.  Still active, it is a mantle volcano (no cone)

this dormant crater is now covered in a nice forest

part of a long eruption fissure which opened up in 1969....

the fissure is home to many plants including orchids

you can see steam vents here more easily


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