Saturday, January 18, 2014


Tomorrow we head back to the mainland.  As usual, there will be at least one more day of pics from Hawaii.  I will be putting some of Mike's underwater pics up as well.  Beautiful!

On waterfall day, I drove across the island to Hilo and then headed up the coast north to visit 3 major waterfalls.  One of these falls is the tallest falls in the U.S.!

This white-tailed ram was near the road as I drove across to Hilo

Rainbow Falls

At Rainbow Falls I took a path around and up to the top of the falls through these wonderful banyan trees....

and worked my way across the lava.....

to get this pic looking down on the falls

on the trail to Akaka Falls.....

much easier trail but not quite as much fun;)

Akaka Falls

this is the best pic I could get of an Hawaiian Cardinal

At the Waipio Valley lookout.....

I took a very steep trail down into the valley, over 1,000 ft.....

to get a view you cannot see from the lookout of the tallest waterfall in the U. S.,  Waihilau Falls, over 2,600 ft!!

late afternoon and lots of humidity clouded my pics I'm afraid

trying to give an idea of the crazy steep path I had to descend and then ascend, whew!

whales in the sunset off my lanai:)

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous trip! This post brought back memories...we did those same falls hikes a few years ago.


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