Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I've been messing with pictures so much I actually thought I had been posting!  Pretty bad!
Now I've got some catching up to do....again:

these cute little geckos are all over, this one in our bathroom,  did not catch him:)

I got to do this!  Yesterday morning I went with Annette (my next door neighbor) to volunteer to fill in on the long boats and we got to go out!  What a work out and what fun! I am not in this pic but I see these boats every day. 

took these pics of humpbacks several miles up the coast, but I have seen whales 3 times now FROM MY LANAI!

this beautiful area is on the northeast tip of the island

these local natives were trying to catch fish right outside our place

Saffron Finches, these two hang out close by our condo


  1. Love love love the gecko shot! Gosh you are making me want to go to HI!


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