Friday, January 17, 2014


Had an amazing experience today!  Will tell you all about it tomorrow as it is late but do have some pretty pics.....

this cruise ship looked very pretty in the early morning from the lanai

a little later same day, this guy popped his head up right in front of me!

these flower pics were taken in our community here

lots of crabs in our tidal pools.....

and, yes, another turtle chomping on some goodies next to the lava rock.....

isn't that red urchin beautiful?

he had to fight constantly to keep from being swept back out to sea before he was ready!
When I was out taking pics in the tidal pools a boat passed by.  Those are the condos we are staying in on the left and the boat on the right is Mikes!  They were relocating to another dive spot.
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a very striking local resident

view of Kialua-Kona.  We are staying just below the hill on the left


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