Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Volcano NP

This morning I went snorkeling at a nearby beach.  I have never seen so many different kinds of fish in one place at one time.....and everywhere you looked!  It was amazing!  I do not have an underwater camera, Mike does and is using his out on the Agressor.  I had to go buy a disposable camera today so I can take a few pics because it is so awesome I must!!!

Here are more adventures at Volcano NP.  Never thought I would be hiking to see petroglyphs in Hawaii!:

Very interesting, especially as families here still do this.

 After checking out the petroglyphs, we headed closer to the water to see where the lava crossed the road in 1982....
you can see where lava flowed down the hillside on the left then over the road and into the sea

hmmmm, you think?

lava cliffs

Mynah birds are everywhere here, very pretty

this crater is on Kilauea, the pics below show the glow from the lava reflecting off the steam.  This is the closest thing we saw to actual lava as there is no where currently on the island safe enough to see the actual thing up close

still a pretty spectacular sight!

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  1. Awesome photos of the crater! When we were there we could never get close enough to see more than steam/smoke from the flow. Very cool (hot)!

    Gosh I love the Big Island!


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