Monday, February 17, 2014

Indian Head Springs Trl

This terrific trail really was not about was about taking your time to explore all around the boulders looking for petroglyphs, pictographs, grinding stones and tons of scrim!  What a great time we had poking about on this "trail"!  Got a bit earlier start which was a good thing as it got to 88 degrees!

Very easy to get to also as you turn on Indian Head Spgs Rd. from Terlingua to get to the trailhead instead of having to drive into the park several miles down the road:

got some nice early morning pics here!

petroglyphs can be seen at the bottom of the large rock

this appeared to be a favorite writing surface!

for grinding corn, nuts or seeds

Indian Head Spring did actually have a little water!

Mike on the other side of a grinding stone

In this shelter of boulders, you can see a well used grinding stone....

and these red ochre pictographs on the ceiling


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