Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oak Spring Trl and Cattail Falls Trl

Today we hiked up the Oak Spring Trail for some fantastic view of the west park area.  After doing that 1250 elevation change, we stopped for lunch and then did a small hike to Cattail Falls.  Just a trickle now, it was still a miniature garden of eden with some nice cool shade.

Our temperatures here are dramatically different from what we have been experiencing lately;)  Now we have to get up early to hike before it gets too hot!  Todays temp was 83 but yesterday it was 88!  Too hot for afternoon hiking!

Just loved this tree

our destination was up on top of the waterfall area (dry now)

and we're up!  view is looking good!

a flat area about a third of the way up the trail was covered with scrim, bits of chipped rock from making arrowheads

trail to Cattail Falls.....

this butterfly has a great disguise.  note the red eyes showing on the fly in the background

barely visible, Cattail Falls does have flowing water.....

with a nice reflecting pool


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  2. good to see water still at cattail falls...

    1. That was a pretty "cool" place on our 88 degree day!

  3. Gorgeous hike! How fun to have a brand new area to explore!

    1. So much hiking to do! You and Hans would like this area too:)


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