Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wrapping up Tucson

Not having internet the past week sure was a bit of a challenge!  We made the move today to Las Cruces, NM and it is cold here! We will be here a week before heading south to the border where we will be staying in Terlingua, TX, near Big Bend NP for a month.  Already looking forward to daytime temps in the 70s!

We very much enjoyed our week hiking and visiting with Lisa and Hans.  Do not know when we will see them again but I'm sure we will!  Our last hike together  was a trail right out of the back of our RV park to a very interesting had over 60 arms though they were small and a bit funny looking!  I did a bike ride in the same area yesterday morning and saw two very healthy coyotes running across the path ahead of me, very nice!

Mike and I checked out a few breweries yesterday afternoon to round out our stay in Tucson:)

Hans, Mike and Lisa lead the way...... the most interesting saguaro!

Hans and Mike checking out the scenery

very nice

a group of 'baby' saguaros around a palo verde, they are probably 50 years old:)

colors isn't good but looks like a woodpecker

the trails out back were very nicely marked...

love the little paintings!

close up of the "fruit" on top of a barrel cactus

house finches enjoying the sun

in the middle of this pic is one of the coyotes I saw

time for tasting some new to us anyway:)

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