Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paint Gap Road and Croton Trl, Big Bend NP

Sadly we are cutting our time here short as we are needed in Las Vegas for a family emergency.  We are heading towards Vegas in the morning and may be there for some time.  This means I will probably have very little to post for a while.  In the meantime, here is my last posting from beautiful Big Bend National Park:

This morning we explored Paint Gap Road, a high clearance vehicle is definitely needed here.  The road ends at the ruins of an old ranch.  There was not much to see as far as the ranch but the vista was awesome of the painted hills and there were flowers everywhere.  Spring is here in Big Bend!:

the vista from Paint Gap Road

these tiny white and pink flowers were everywhere and were very fragrant!

looking through the chute of an old corral

Bluebonnets, the Texas state flower
 Stop number two of the day, Croton Springs was a surprise.  The trail is not even in the trail book of park trails so we came across it because we chose to see what was down a side road.  As you can see, turned out to be very cool!

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  1. Looks like a return visit may be in order at some future date...

    Wishing you safe travels. Our thoughts are with you as you deal with the family emergency.


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