Thursday, February 20, 2014

3 Trails Today:)

 Ok, so total distance was a little over 7 1/2 miles.  They were all related and in the same area so it seemed like a good idea to do them all.  The first was the Burro Mesa Pour Off Trl which took us mostly down an open wash through some wonderful carved little canyons to a pour off on the edge of the mesa:

this last chute down into the pour off area was near vertical and a bit tricky

the slot on the right where the light shines in is where the water would flow over...

to about 80 feet below into  Burro Meas Runoff Trl

here is another look up that last chute

then we drove down and around to the Burro Mesa Runoff Trl....

so we could look up and see the runoff which is the V notch at the top

brand new yucca blooms

this yucca about to open was at the beginning of the third trail, the Burro Springs Trl

we just walked to the overlook here as it was a very steep decent and 1pm by now;)

          pretty flowers popping up everywhere!
yucca just beginning to open


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