Monday, February 3, 2014

Saguaro NP

We ventured into Saguaro National Park to do a wonderfully scenic hike and get a good leg stretch.  We started on the Hugh Norris Trl which took us up, what seemed to be a thousand steps, to a ridge line with fantastic views.  Made even more beautiful by the cloudy day washed clean by rain in the area.  Rather than finish that trail which was too long, we cut back down the mountain on the Dobe Wash Trl.  A lot of sand in the wash but it was down hill so not so bad:

following Lisa up the steps

Mike and Hans further up on the trail

through this blooming ocotillo you can see far across the valley

I call this the Hershey Kiss rock:)

some nice contrast!

checked out an old mine along the way

just a shell of spines remains but still pretty!


  1. We did the Hugh Norris trail awhile ago. It was like stair master! There's a great view at the top. I wish the weather would warm up a little for you.

    1. Allison, the weather really is perfect for hiking....these days I get hot fast;)

  2. You got some great shots, good color! The bird is a Loggerhead Shrike.

    1. Thanks Lisa (yep, we have internet now!)


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