Thursday, May 1, 2014

Coronado State Monument, San Isidro Museum

This morning we enjoyed visiting the Coronado State Monument which houses the Kuaua Pueblo ruins.  Though these ruins were excavated and then filled back in to protect them many years ago, they had a few reconstructed buildings including a kiva with some beautiful wall murals. A room in the museum also contained several original wall murals that had been removed from the kiva.

this pueblo is located right next to the Rio Grande

pic of original excavation 

Spanish influence


Then we drove a few miles into Corrales to do a tour of a 19th century house, the Gutierrez-Minge Museum.  A docent explained that many parts of the house compound had been made up of beams, windows, etc. being salvaged from old houses, churches, barns,  being torn down in various parts of the state.  The furniture was also from all over and all handmade without nails.

what little metalwork we did see was hand forged

a lot of beautiful tin art throughout

Mike outside the kitchen building

loved the door bell!

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