Monday, May 19, 2014

Sandia Cave

We had a couple of people in the area tell us we had to see Sandia Cave.  Not a hike, only 1/2 mile to the cave, but worth seeing.  So we decided to check it out thinking we might find more of a hike in the area.  The area is a few miles off a dirt road in the north Sandias with easy access to the town of Placita.  It shows in that you could see the signs of frequent vists by locals... graffiti, beer bottles, etc., unfortunately.  But it is an interesting place.  We were told mammoth bones were found there.

if you look carefully, you can see a spiral staircase in the middle of the rock wall....

the trail leads you to the staircase to access the cave

the staircase is on the left where the person with the red shirt is

from the cave entrance

 At the back of the main cave there was a small entrance to another room.  I had to check it out, of course, very cool.  When it got to where I had to crawl, I turned around.  Did not feel any air flow so don't think it goes anywhere else.


  1. Neat! I don't remember hearing about this when we were in that area. Great butterfly shot!


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