Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day Trip to Ruins, Falls, Hike, Winery, Etc!, Part 1

Took a lovely day trip west from here to the Jemez Reservation area off NM 4.  What a scenic area!  Just beautiful as you can see from the pics!  We stopped first at Jemez State Monument which you see below.  Tomorrow I will put up the rest of the day.

Even if one did nothing but drive through this area, it would be throughly enjoyable:

At the Jemez State Monument the site houses the ruins of the Gisewa Pueblo and the church of San Jose de los Jemez which was built on top of the pueblo:

Parts of the church ruins date back to 1622 and the pueblo which preceded it was a thriving community some 200 years before that.

It was amazing to walk through this fortress of a church!


  1. Wow, those are some interesting ruins! I had not heard of this place. Next time we're through the area...

  2. I know right? And the whole area is just so beautiful!


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