Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sandia Tram and North Crest Hike

Yet another must do when in the Albuquerque area!  Taking the tram to the top of the Sandia range was a blast!  It is the longest tram ride in the world, 2 miles,  and it was awesome!  After arriving at the top, we put in over 8 and a half miles on the crest trail and it was lovely.  There is a restaurant at the top as well and after hiking we stopped for a beer before heading back on the return tram:

off we go!

looking down past tower 1 you can see where the tram leaves the building below

Approaching tower 2

just on the other side of tower 2 we pass the sister tram going down

this long haul takes us across a 1000 ft deep canyon, we are traveling about 13.6mph here

looking down in the canyon below you can see wreckage from a 1955 airline crash

approaching the dock

I'm excited! How beautiful!

the elevation is 10,328 and a bit chilly;)

our tram at the dock

we walked a mile and a half on this beautiful section of the trail overlooking the city before climbing back up to the rim 

you can faintly see the Rio Grande running through the green belt across the pic

lunch break at the Del Agua overlook

great view down the south range

we were surprised at how much snow we had to walk across!

to the left on the ridge you can see the tram dock and restaurant 

thanks to zoom, i got this nice pic of the trams passing from about a mile and a half or more away


back at the tram dock, here comes our tram!

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  1. Great view of the valley! Check out the Marble Brewery Pub downtown. They have some good beers and entertainment. The colorful outdoor patio has a stage for the bands and they serve food! Also, you need to check out the Frontier Restaurant right across from UNM. It is a classic for tasty and affordable NM food. Get something with green chile! Have fun!


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