Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jemez Area Pt 2

We continued along NM4 after leaving the ruins.  Our next stop was Soda Dam.  This little area reminded me of Yellowstone.  You could smell the sulfur in the air and the formation looked so typical of the geyser formations.  Right next to the road!

 Further on we stopped and parked at Battleship Rock for a very nice hike to McCauley Springs:
Battleship Rock

Beginning our hike....

McCauley Springs

this area is the edge of a caldera and the rock here is beautiful!

prettiest jay to date!!
 After our hike and lunch we continued on to Jemez Falls just a short walk of the road...a must do as there aren't many falls in New Mexico!  Very scenic.
 We continued on after that making a loop drive by taking NM126  south to the 550 and back to Bernalillo.  But we did backtrack just a few miles to visit the Ponderosa Winery  before we headed back.  What a great day!
One of NMs oldest vineyards, had some nice wines!

Ponderosa Winery

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