Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kaktus Brewery, Bernalillo, NM

Well our month has come to an end and tomorrow we move on to Colorado Springs, CO via Raton, NM (for one night).  We have had a wonderful month here despite the wind which really does seem to blow most of the time.  As usual we saw a lot and still have more to see should we pass this way again.

No doubt one of the nicest things about this stay is that we have had a brewery literally just feet from our home:)  When we arrived here we noted the Kaktus Brewery next door and, of course, checked it out!  We met Dana, one of the owners, and asked him why there was not a gate in the fence on the KOA side so we could walk through the gate instead of all the way around the park and down the road to the brewery.  He said that, in fact, they had permission from the KOA to put in a gate and had the materials but had not done it we asked him how soon it could be done:

the gate is about 30 feet from our motorhome;) yes, it says BEER on the door
The brewery is new, now about 8 months old.  They have good beers and are doing just fine.  We wish them all the best.  We have enjoyed the convenience immensely!

 They have various live entertainment but the belly dancers are quite a hit!

Mike settling up with Alana 

the parking area

Sandias in the background

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  1. Talk about convenient! Looks like a really cool place to hang out too.

    Looking forward to your next adventures...!


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