Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fort Robinson State Park, NW Nebraska

We spent a day and a half at Fort Robinson State Park.  It is touted as Nebraska's premiere state park....and for good reason.  The location is awesome as you can see from my pics.  We got in a couple of really nice hikes.

The fort itself was built originally in 1885 and since then has undergone many changes and been used for many different things. From watching over the Cheyenne Indians at the nearby reservation to later housing the first German POW in 1943, to later still being used to train olympians, these are some of the uses the fort has served over the years till being turned into a state park.

Could not wait to go hiking when I saw these beautiful bluffs!

 We got to watch a free rodeo at the park Thursday night.  It was great fun!

 Our second hike took us up to another section of the Pine Ridge and it was a pretty day for pics!

 Looking down on part of Fort Robinson from up on the bluffs:

In this pic from up on the bluffs, you can see Paradise(our motorhome)in the middle of the shot;)

 Friday night after hiking, we went to the Post Playhouse to watch The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  It was well done and a lot of laughs!

Lots to do at this park, we will stay here again when we come this way!


  1. Looks like a great park! We may go there instead of Guernsey due to flooding around Guernsey...

    1. We've had to change our route due to flooding also. If you don't make Fort Robinson this time, put it on your list for the future! It is worth a few days stay!


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