Monday, June 22, 2015

Wining in Walla Walla, WA

Wow do they have some good wines in this area!!  If they could grow zinfandel grapes here it would be perfect;)  We've had a great time the past 2 days checking out several nice wineries.  We were looking for reds and were not disappointed.  Mike loves Cab Franc and they are producing some pretty good ones here.  They pretty much have a red for every palate, yummy!

It is a lot dryer in this part of the state.  We've seen a lot of dust devils:

 At Tranche (above) they also had a sheep pasture and horses:

Forgeron Cellars

Balboa Winery

Castillo de Feliciana 

 At Isenhower Cellars, the family (owners) have 3 girls who each year do a painting which is put on a label for a small amount of their wine.  The girls even get to pick out which color wax is used:)

Isenhower Cellars


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    1. Thanks Lisa. We will have to go that way again to catch some of the wineries we did not have time for;)


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