Friday, June 19, 2015

LoLo, MT and Orofino, ID, Trails With Scenery!!

Our last stop in Lolo, MT was short but sweet.  Back up at altitude again, we stayed at the Squaredance Center and RV Park in the forest.  A lovely area, we would stay there again keeping in mind that they had washers but no dryers but were welcome to hang your clothes out to dry;)

We hiked a nearby trail with a great view of Lolo Peak and saw lots of wildflowers!

 After hiking, we headed straight for the Lolo Peak Brewing Company and enjoyed some good brews and food!

We left Lolo and drove 168 miles to Orofino, Idaho.  The drive, on US 12, was amazing, winding through thick forest and mountain canyons with the river next to us the entire way, a beautiful drive!

In Orofino we are staying right next to the river and near the Dworshak Dam and Reservoir.....the scenery continues!  We hiked right behind the dam yesterday on the Eddy Trail and got quite the workout, lots of steep ups and downs;)
Dworshak Dam is part of the Columbia-Snake River drainage
The Dworshak Dam is highest straight-axis, concrete gravity dam in North America and the largest of it's type ever built by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

 This morning we drove further back on the 54 mile long reservoir to the Cold Springs Trail which starts at the beautiful Dent Bridge.

There were steep climbs on this trail as well.   You can see below with Mike standing near the top of an incline:)  Tomorrow we are off to Walla Walla, WA!


  1. Beautiful!!!!! What a trip to find an RV park with no dryers! Though I sure would enjoy hanging sheets and towels out to dry...I've only had that opportunity at one park in our entire time on the road.

    Hmmmm...Walla Walla...I bet there's wine tasting in your future! ;-)

    1. Yes, you could say we've done a bit of wining here in Walla Walla! ;)

  2. missing Montana right about now as we sit in Red Bay Alabama...


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