Monday, June 15, 2015

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, Three Forks, MT

Another great cavern to check out!  Very cool with this one is that it has thriving bat colonies with seven varieties of bats!  We were fortunate to see a small colony of 50 to 100 bats on our tour!  This cavern is not for the feint of heart, we had to walk about a half mile from the visitor center to the entrance of the cave with about a 300 foot elevation gain in full sun.  600 descending stairs inside the cavern.

Arrival at the visitor center

Below you can see the trail start on the right.  Look to the left for the dark spot on the hill which is the cave entrance!

 So exciting to see this little colony of bats!

 Oh yes, and did I mention we had to sit down and do a natural rock slide from one room to another!

another cool caverns!


  1. Well that's different! Bats are so neat, and a slide to top it off, very cool!

    1. It was Lisa. Lots of good hiking in the area too!


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