Monday, June 29, 2015

Mt. Rainier, Wonderland Trail and Box Canyon

For location reference in the park we have been using the Stevens Canyon Entrance as it is closest to us in Packwood.

  We took the Stevens Canyon Road  10 miles up from the entrance to the Wonderland Trail and hopped on the trail for an out and back and then walked around the Box Canyon area on our return which is where we had parked the car.  The Wonderland Trail goes all the way around the park, 97 miles, so you can hop on at various points.

We hit the trail about 7:30 and were so happy we did not wait any longer, it was pretty warm already.  The high for the day in Packwood was 98!

The Stevens Canyon Road crosses over the Box Canyon of the Muddy Fork of the Cowlitz River:

The river flows 180 feet below the bridge:
 On the Wonderland Trail:

Note the beautiful water carved stone on the upper falls of this creek.  

Another beautiful nameless creek

 View of Rainier from Box Canyon:

One of two tunnels on Stevens Canyon road:

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  1. Another stunningly beautiful hike! I can't believe it's hotter in Washington than here in South Dakota!


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