Sunday, June 7, 2015

Keyhole State Park, Moorcroft, WY

Yesterday morning we had to reroute our drive to Moorcroft, WY due to flooding in Lusk, WY.  So we had to drive through the corner of SD.  That meant we got to drive through Hot Springs and Custer again!  Though it added another 30 miles onto our drive for the day, it is so scenic we managed to suck it up;)  We had to stop for bison to cross the road.  Love it!

Upon arrival in Moorcroft, we promptly set up and jumped in the jeep to go to Keyhole State Park for a hike.  This park has a beautiful lake and an actual registered volksmarching trail.  Very nice.

It was a great wildlife day, bison, deer, fox, white pelicans on the lake, osprey, prairie dogs, antelope everywhere!

At Keyhole State Park.

I think this is only the second time we have come across a place with a registered volksmarching trail.

 On our drive back, we had to stop for this mom and youngster to cross the road;)


  1. Thanks for the tip! We have reserved 2 nights in July at Keyhole as a stopover from Spearfish, SD to Buffalo, WY.

  2. Beautiful!

    We saw symbol on a sign on our hike yesterday at Curt Gowdy and now, thanks to you, I know it means Volksmarch! I'll have to tell my friend in San Antonio who does Volksmarches all over the country.


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