Sunday, December 16, 2012

Black Canyon City AZ, Hohokum Ruins Pt 2

It rained all day yesterday here in the hills and what a beautiful day it is today because of it!  Nice, crisp scenery, with a dusting of snow on the higher elevations.  Beautiful area!

After spending time in the ruins, we explored the outside where we found several petroglyphs and tons more pieces of pottery.  It was one of those places where you had to watch your footing or you would step on pottery fragments.

pottery fragments everywhere!

looks like a big horn sheep to me!

1916, I wonder if that was the first white man to find the ruins

below the outside wall on the east side of the hill were several petroglyphs

in addition to the pottery fragments someone had put on the rocks you can see more in the soil on the left

to the left in the valley is Black Canyon City

heading back down into the valley looking back up to the ruins through the trees on the right

bird nest in the cholla

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