Friday, December 14, 2012

Black Canyon City AZ, Hohokum Ruins

A somber moment to acknowledge all those poor families dealing with the terrible tragedy in Conn.  My heart goes out to them.  I can't even imagine.....

Here are those pics of the ruins I promised.  I"m guessing this pueblo must have had about 30 rooms in it's day.  Very cool:

the ruins are on the right on top of the mesa...... it doesn't look that steep;)

whew, ok, it was steep!  Here is our first view as we crested

the signs mark it as an archeological site with warnings not to take anything 

Mike is in the distance standing on the next outcrop 

at the bottom of this wall, you can see a natural space in the rock that was apparently left a window?

could be as you can see the valley below, or maybe for air flow or drainage??  who knows for sure

the outside walls were built right on the edge of the mesa 

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