Thursday, December 6, 2012

Black Canyon City AZ, Prescott

Today we left the dealership in Prescott and drove south to Black Canyon City where we will spend the next month.  Then it is back to Prescott because, yes you guessed it, they could not fix everything without order 2 more parts!

It is also Mike's birthday!  Happy Birthday again to my honey!  We went out to dinner last night while we were in Prescott and had a really nice evening.  The restaurant, Prescott Station,  was nice and the food really good.  We took a little stroll around the area and I took the pics below.  It was very festive around the county court house.

The courthouse at dusk

We checked out this place first for dinner but left when we discovered the smoked prime rib Mike wanted was only served on Friday!

We are in Prescott Station having dinner an looking out the patio window to the downtown area

the elk on top of the Elk Theater with the sunset

Mike is checking out the dessert.......


the pine tree behind this rock is the Statehood Tree and was planted Feb, 1912.....100 years ago!

the gazebo on the grounds has been turned into Santas workshop

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