Saturday, December 22, 2012

Black Cyn City AZ, We can find snow....if we want!

As there is great hiking, there are also lots of dirt roads for ATV's....and jeeps!:)  We took a drive out of town on one that led us through some great scenery and we eventually ended up in a very small town called Crown King up in the snow.  Had a great day of off-road driving and, of course, saw some unusual things:

Off we go!

Heading toward the snow and Crown King

Looks cold up there!

Here we are in Crown King, just an occasional building tucked away in the woods.

We had to turn around when we ran into unplowed road.  It was time to head back anyway

We drove by several decorated trees and bushes by the road side.  I liked this one right in the canyon cutout.

This young buck stopped to check us out

We stopped here, in the 3 building town of Cleator, to have a beer....

One section of this "fine" establishment was built in 1902.  Then it was added on to for a while......and obviously let go into disrepair.  Did not stop the locals from coming in for a beer though!

This was the heat and it is only burning because I mentioned how cold it was inside to Steve the barman.

The town of Bumble Bee had a few more houses.  Not noteworthy, but the sign was!  

Sunset from the door of Paradise at the end of another great day!

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