Thursday, December 27, 2012

Black Canyon City AZ, Hope You All Had a Merry Xmas!

No I haven't gone anywhere;)  We drove out to Vegas in the Jeep for Christmas with Mike's family and it was a surprise to Mom/Joyce as we had told her we were not going to be making it this year.  So we crashed the annual Christmas Eve at Mom's house and surprised several family members!

So as not to disturb anyone, we booked 2 nights at Sams Town cause it was cheap!  Less than $40 a night.  This is a good time to pop into Vegas.....not next weekend however!  Anyway, I took my computer so I could post on Christmas Eve and found out that we could not get wifi without paying $5-$10 per day for no post:(  for Christmas.

I want my kids to know I thought about you and yours the whole time and miss you so much!!

It is a beautiful time of year in the desert and the drive out and back was lovely so I just took a few pics through the care window for this post of the "countryside":

always nice to start out a trip with a rainbow!

yes it's winter but that means time for autumn colors in the desert!

even Vegas looks nice and clean this time of year

on the way back to Black Canyon City 

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