Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prescott AZ, Go John Trl in Phoenix

Well here we are day 4 in the dealership in Prescott.  To be fair, only 2 working days;)  We now have all but 1 issue addressed and that is the good news......now we are being told they may have to order another part!  The decals on the outside of Paradise that are wrinkling, and that they thought they could fix, they now say will have to be replaced.  This first means that approval has to be given from Winnebago before the dealership can proceed and then the decals must be ordered and sent here!  Will keep you informed;)

In the meantime, here are pics from the "Go John Trail" in the Cave Creek Regional Park north of Phoenix.  I like the color of the rock in this area:

look at the forest of saguaros in foreground 

love this pic!

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