Monday, June 2, 2014

Hike Near Palmer Lake

We left our good friends, the Brenners, this morning and headed up near Denver where Mike will hang for a good week while I go visit Sephira in Ridgefield, WA, for a little grandchild time!

Did a lovely hike with part of the Brenner Bunch;) on Saturday:

you just never know when you are going to see a camel on the way to a hike!

great camouflage!

ahh we've entered the tall pines.....

now have to hoof it up the hill.....

but what a view!

Holly, Evelyn and Gordon

hmmmm is that rain over there?

don't look so pooped!  we're almost back;)

got a little rain on the way down but hey,  it's only water!!!!

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