Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wind Cave National Park, Custer, SD

I mentioned a few days ago when I posted Jewel Cave NM that there was also another cave, Wind Cave NP, in the area.  We went there yesterday and it was great!  I liked it better than Jewel Cave actually, if you only have time for one when in the area, but you decide for yourselves when you get up this way.

It is known for it's very lovely and delicate "box formations" which are prevalent throughout the cave.  I thought they looked very lovely and lacy in some areas and very much like honeycomb in others.  Really enjoyed it!

We leave Custer tomorrow for North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt NP. I am hoping to squeeze in one more post from Custer.  I would love to come back here and spend more time some day.  There are a lot of hikes we simply did not have time for in one week....not and see all the others things in the area!  This is defiantly a 2 week min stay and this time of year is probably perfect!  We have had several thunder storms while here but not bad enough to interfere with what we did. I have not seen this much lightening in a long, long time!

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