Sunday, June 22, 2014

Theodore Roosevelt NP, Loop Drive

Theodore Roosevelt NP is divided into a south and north unit.  We have spent a couple full days in the south and will be heading for the north unit today for another couple of days.

We spent a day doing the parks loop drive and stopping at the lookouts and little trails along the way.  It is a lovely place.  Postcard perfect wherever you look.  We saw a lot of wildlife.  It is going to be strange when we don't see Pronghorn every day!   The birds are singing their hearts out now and I so wish I could get pics of more of them!

Mountain Bluebird

Spotted Towhee
 The park has a herd of wild horses and we spotted them twice, this group close to the road.

Pronghorn amongst the prairie dogs
 Standing on a bluff overlooking the Little Missouri River, we saw a large herd of bison in the distance:

Little Missouri River
 The river goes right through the park and certainly adds to the lovely scenery:

this moth probably won't make it through the night, but still beautiful

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