Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last day in Baudette, MN

We are in the afternoon of our 3rd full day here and will be leaving tomorrow for Bemidji, MN, where we will be for a week.  Our stay here has been comprised mostly of exploring the area in the jeep as you cannot get out of the jeep without being accosted by hundreds of flying insects of various species, many of which bite!  It has been a very wet year for this part of the country and all the lakes and ponds around are filled to overflowing....hence more mosquitoes.  It rains quite a bit and the weather can change in the blink of an eye, a new experience for us;)  Oh, and did I mention the humidity??

We are just about a half mile from the Canadian border so yesterday we spent the day in Canada exploring the north shore of the Lake of the Woods which is shared by both countries.  Our campground is on the south shore of the same lake.

The small town of  Williams nearby is know for Lady Slipper orchids which grow wild in the area.
We did come across some and it was interesting to see orchids growing in clumps in the fields like they do:

 Our closest town is Baudette and it boasts being the Walleye capital of the world.  Fishing is huge in this area of the country and you hear fishing stories everywhere you go.

 We were told about Nestor Falls in Ontario and decided to make it our destination for our day trip into Canada.

Nestor Falls

 We pulled off the road to watch a flock of white pelicans for a while, nice to get a few closeups

 I found the "crowned" highway signs to be interesting:)


  1. If you don't want to wear DEET to repel the bugs, try a spray with Pecaridin in it. Natrapel is one brand and Walmart has another (that is less expensive and has no fragrance). This non Deet bug repellent has been working well for us against mosquitos and ticks.

    1. I will look for it, thanks Lisa! We have been using a DEET free, lemon eucalyptus by Cutter but it does not work as well as I need it to!


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